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Journey to the Cloud

We can make a strong line that defines the future of your organisation within the industry in which it is competing. In one side, born-in-cloud companies: Air BnB and Netflix may be good examples. In the other side, traditional companies that "use" cloud services. The migration of your services to the cloud is more than just launching some virtual instances and migrate your applications and infrastructure to it. It is a whole process. A delicate one.

Why it is not just a migration?

Nowadays, DevOps are everything. You want continous development, you want thing to scale fast and reliable. It is known that cloud is the solution. We are fine here. But, there's more. A lot more. Your organisation provides different applications, using different technologies and different services. How to control that you are not duplicating this services? How to avoid that you do not have too many DevOps for your applications? How to avoid to overload them? These are structural issues that need to be adjusted.

On-premise you have racks of servers. HDD or SDD disks, that have a cost. You need an improvement, you pay for it. In cloud the model is based on consumption. Are your financial gurus aware of this changes? Financial models should evolve to this changes.


Polism is a framework used to consider all changes that an organisation needs to accomplish in order to become a "Cloud company". You may be agile, but being cloud is also important. This framework helps you to evolve your operating model into a Cloud Operating Model. It is not the unique framework, it is not the best (is there is any) but it is a good starting point to understand where are we right now.

  • Processes: The work that needs to be done to deliver the value proposition or service proposition.
  • Organization: The people who will do the work and how they are organized.
  • Locations: Where the work is done and what buildings and assets are needed in these locations.
  • Information: The information systems that support the work.
  • Suppliers: What organizations provide inputs to the work and what sort of relationships exist with these organizations.
  • Management systems: The planning, budgeting, performance management, risk management, continuous improvement and people management processes needed to run the organization

Avoid the pitfalls that others have fallen into. Take advise from experienced people who had work in Cloud Migrations and that will gladly lead your organisation into a most competitive one in your industry.

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International IT Advisors wants to give you the support needed in your expansion. After years of experience in both continents Europe and LatinoAmerica we have reached the conclusion that there is a way to reduce risks and costs and get the expected results.

What is RBD?

It is a service in which IIT Advisors will guide you in the process needed in your expansion: we will provide you tools, methodology, support and human professional resources to reduce risks so you can achieve your goals. There two ways to operate:

Why RBD with IIT Advisors?

Main RBD targets:

We have a great network in all areas of IT

Benefits of RBD with IIT Advisors:

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S/W Development

We can't be a great IT company if we do not believe and use the leading technlogies and frameworks, together with the most experienced developers.Our motto is: learn, put it into practice and keep learning!

Out team has a great experience in cloud hosting solutions for eCommerce and web developing frameworks. We deliver strong solutions where the idea of the customer is the most important. Weekly sprints and meeitngs to check that the direction of the project is the desired.

IT Experience

We have a great network in all areas of IT

Take your time and contact International IT Advisors tell us about your project. As we like to say: we want to help your ideas to come true, delivering strong and reliable solutions.

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RB Projects

Hemos decidido no poner límites a nuestra imaginación en el ámbito social y empresarial. Los directores de la compañía se han puesto de acuerdo para trabajar de forma personalizada con clientes y colaboradores que quieran realizar aportes a la sociedad y al medio ambiente. Desde esta compañía queremos ser parte de proyectos de Responsabilidad Social aportando nuestra experiencia y nuestro conocimiento tecnológico. Queremos involucrar a todas las personas de la compañía para sacar adelante proyectos sustentables que hace años eran impensables.

Nuestra premisa para realizar este tipo de proyectos es muy sencilla: pensar y pensar las horas que sean necesarias hasta dar con la solución perfecta. Si quieres que te ayudemos en algún proyecto que busque la mejora en nuestra sociedad, cuenta con nosotros.

International IT Advisors ha creado una nueva forma de proyectos que permite la generación de nuevos modelos de Responsabilidad Social antiguamente inimaginables. Proyectos sustentables dónde se persigue el fin último de un proyecto responsable con la sociedad y/o medio ambiente pero que, además, genera una serie de ingresos que se reinvierten sobre si mismo.

Rompe barreras. Si tienes una idea o te gustaría realizar algún proyecto de esta índole, contacta con nosotros. Nos sentaremos contigo hasta dar con la fórmula mágica para sacar el proyecto adelante.

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