Our Clients

IIT Advisors has a great experience in the field of Information Technologies IT, Telecommunications, e-commerce, marketing online and few others. Along this years working tough in Latin America and Europe we have managed to have strong relationships with the main IT companies of the region such as Mobile Network Operators, Digital Media Agencies, Software development companies, and other IT companies. These are a few examples of our customers:


Prolig is an online community for sports. It is an SPA (Single Page Application) where the players log in weekly to submit their forecasts in football (and soon, other sports). Currently it is a closed beta with 120 players.

International IT Advisors it is developint using MEAN framework, i.e. Mongo DB, Express, Angular y Nginx. We make weekly sprints under the supervision of our customers. With this kind of methodologies (agile) we can make an incrementar development paying special attention to our customer satisfaction.

Prolig Logo

Jose María Llovet - Co-Founder

We are a group of passionate people in sports and gaming. We have hired IIT Advisors for the development due to their experience and commitment that they offer. We will surely continue working with them until Prolig is finished.

Training IT is a company focused in offer the most advanced and updated programming courses in the Spanish market. International IT Advisors has developed their chatbot which is integrated within their site. Due to this simple solution they can solve customers doubts and give a great customer care.

However, the most interesting part of this solution was the combination of this chatbot with Click to Messenger de Facebook Ads to increase the return of investment in online advertising. Artificial Intelligence and Online Marketing solutions combined in a single and unique perfect way.

Enrique Pascual - Senior Product Manager

We are a young startup that needed to offer an easy way to give an excelent customer share, but not having high expenses. Besides, we wanted to invest in online marketing. The solution that IIT Advisors came across with this kind of bots was just what we were looking for.

An Spanish company that works together with Mobile Network Operators (Movistar, America Movil, Tigo, Personal…), bringing Value Added Services and solutions to this huge market. Nvia chose us to work in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Perú and Uruguay. For the last 3 years we have been a great nexus to their technical area and their commercial area, selling new services and following up the sales.

Victor Lamas - CEO

Working with IIT Advisors has been the best decision to achieve an international growth without talking high risks in a region completely unknown for us.

Thanks to our experience in eCommerce we have been able to help a few small shops in Santiago de Chile to move into the digital world. We have developed an online shop, integrated with local payment methods, Transbank and we have made the integration with a chatbot connected to Facebook Messegner to answer customer doubts, shipment detailes and customer complaints.

IIT Advisors has developed a complete solution using a customized store management system combined with Artificial Inteligence to develop the chatbot. Future has also arrived to small local businesses.

La Verdulería

You can visit an example in La Verduleria. A Software Development Engineering project developed using MVC, Ajax, Node JS. Increse to maximmum leves the user experience has been one of the most important goals to accomplish an easy but strong online shop.

Amplia IoT is an Spanish company with a huge background in the field of Internet of Things, they have developed their own platform to solve communication problems between devices and the cloud. Amplia has chosen to work with IIT Advisors in Chile due to our great relationships with Mobile Network Operators so they can offer their great platform and work together without establishing in Chile, using us a strong sales and technical agent.

Javier Martínez-Abarca - CEO

Our capabilities to assign resources to our expansion to Latin America was quite reduced. For this reason, working together with IIT Advisor has been essential to reach our growth and internationalization.

In this extraordinary case Smart 4 Ads (S4A) chose IIT Advisors to bring their advertising platform to Chile and work with Media Agencies like Havas, OMD and few others. After several meetings learning and understanding their product we set up meetings with all the players in the market where S4A is playing. Then, we closed the sales and S4A is officially working in Chile

José María Novoa - CEO

We made a small economic and time investment and the results brougth by IIT Advisors were better than expected. In a really short time we had meetings with all important players in Chile and a few weeks later we were officially working internationally.